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Here at Chucky's Rescue, we are dedicated to supporting and caring for cats and their owners that may be in need and we hope to rehome them to loving and caring families that will treat them right.

Since our opening, we have managed to rehome a very high percentage of the cats brought to us and we are quickly making a mark in Coventry and the surrounding areas for helping those that are in distress. Our dedicated and experienced volunteers help us to reach our goals by providing shelter, warmth, food, veterinary care and helping with the rehoming process.

All of our cats/kittens come into welfare needing a new home for many reasons. This is not always their fault. They come from different backgrounds and during their stay with Chucky's Rescue, they will be assessed and vet checked before they are offered to a new family.

If you are interested in helping out either by donating, fostering or even looking to give a cat a happy home, please contact us. All donations go towards giving the cats the care that they need and deserve.

Thank you.

Here are some of the cats who have found forever homes



If you are interested in giving one of our cats a forever home - please contact us and we will give you a rundown on the process and the requirements for the cat that you have chosen.

We will walk you through the adoption step-by-step and help you and your new friend get used to each other and settle into each other's company.

If you require any additional information on the adoption of one of our cats, please go to the page below or you can contact us and we can aid you with any information that you may need.

Here are our cats that are ready for a new home



All donations really help our cause and gives the cats the treatments to keep them healthy and fit as well as pay for any other needs that they may require.

There are numerous ways that you can donate. You can find on our Facebook page that we have a fundraiser with all profits going towards the Rescue.

If you require any additional information on the way that you can donate to us, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We always aim to help as many cats as we possibly can. This is where you come in. By signing up to be a volunteer, you are helping Chucky's Rescue tremendously as well any pets or owners that we may help in the meantime.

You currently can help us out with home visits, transporting pets/goods, fundraising events and with advertising on media channels to help us get our message out.

Alternatively, you can also help Chucky's Rescue by fostering the rescued cats and aid them in their time of need and their search for a forever home.

Unfortunately, we only have finite amount of space at the Rescue Centre which can make saving cats in distress a challenge at the best of times.

With being a fosterer, you are responsible of the wellbeing of the cats that you are fostering which will be helped with the funding from the Rescue.

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