Adopting a Cat

Adopting a cat is not always an easy thing to do as you are gaining a new member of the family. Just like you will be needing to get accustomed to having a cat within the household, your new friend will also need to get used to their new surrounding and family members. Chucky's Rescue will try their best to make sure that each cat and their new family match each other to ensure they are both happy.

Below, you can find all of the cats that are currently available for rehoming and cats that will soon be ready to go to a new home after their treatment is finished. The treatments are usually vaccination, neuteuring (if over 6 months), microchipping, worming and fleaing.​ 

Once you have chosen a cat that you would like to adopt, please use the downloadable document below. You can then send it to our email address which can be found within the Contact Us page and let us know which cat you would like to adopt. One of us will get in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange a house visit to ensure that it is suitable for the cat to live in. After this, we will ask for you to sign some documents regarding the cat so we can document where the cat is moving to and then if everything is in order, your new friend will be introduced to your family.