Volunteer For Us

Volunteering is very much welcomed within the rescue as we always need extra hands, be this with fostering a kitten in need or advertising the rescue over media channels to increase our presense both virtually or physically.

Becoming a volunteer is exceptionally easy and also has its benefits. Not only are you dedicating your time to both cats and their families, you will also gain valuable new skills which will assist you in the long term in whatever you want to achieve.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can download the file below and send it to our contact email address. We will then contact you and move to the next stage of becoming a volunteer for Chucky's Rescue and get you ready to show your love to cats.

Alternatively, you can also offer to foster some of the rescued cats and help them with their treatments as well as provide them with warmth, food and shelter. Whilst you are fostering, the rescue will cover all the care that the cat needs.

Fostering a cat can be a difficult task too - with this being the case, we will need to ensure that your residence is in a suitable state and perform some checks. This is purely for the wellbeing of the cats/kittens that will be in your care. You will also need to be adequately present for the care too.

Fostering also comes with its benefits too. You will learn new skills to do with the care of animals, you will receive the love and affection of a cat, learning how to administer tablets, clean the cat's ears and helping our cause by allowing us to help more by freeing up space within the Rescue Center.

Please use the form below to provide us with your information and send it back to us via our email address and we will contact you as soon as possible to get you started with the fostering process.