Special Cases

When we take on cats that are in need, we give them a check over to ensure that they are suitable for rehoming and to find any potential issues that could be causing them harm. Luckily, a good number of cats that we receive are fit and healthy but there are also some unfortunate cases that we come across.

Some of the cats that are on this page are our "special cases". This means they are under constant supervision and currently going through surgeries to help them and get them fit again.

Other cats may just need a special home to give them the best chance.

Feral Family


This is a family of 5 feral cats looking for a home where they can live safely in a more outdoor environment.

They would ideally be looking for a farm, stables or allotment to live out their days.

Do you have space or know of someone that has space for them on their land? 

If so please get in touch today!


Harvey 1.jpg

This is Harvey he is a 17 year old British shorthair who was originally a show cat but did not have the best temperament to be so. He can be a bit of a grump, but hey he’s an old man now so who can blame him! He hates being brushed these days and fights with the brush and myself.


Due to arthritis in his front legs which makes him walk stiffly he tends to sleep a lot on his bed all day, just getting up to remind me to feed him, but loves a good head scratch whilst purring like a motorbike.

Can you help Harvey?

We are looking for sponsors. Just £1 per month to help towards his joint medication. Due to his age, temperament and arthritis he is in long term foster care. We are not looking for a home for him. 

Can you give just £1 a month to help Harvey in his old age? As a sponsor you will receive a monthly newsletter with updates on how he is doing.

You can also give a one off donation towards Harvey's care, just head over to our Donations Page


If you can manage just £1 per month please email us and we will keep you updated on Harvey's progress.

Thankyou so much to everyone who donates and continues to support us in saving cats lives!