Special Cases

When we take cats that are in need in, we give them a check over to ensure that they are suitable for rehoming and to find any potential issues that could be causing them harm. Luckily, a good number of cats that we receive are fit and healthy but there are also some unfortunate cases that we come across.

The cats that are on this page are our "special cases". This means they are under constant supervision and currently going through surgeries to help them and get them fit again.




Sadly Blossom lost her battle with Cancer and passed peacefully on 25/05/2021 with her fosterer by her side.






Sadly the mass was an aggressive breast cancer. It is 50/50 if it will return or not. We need to do blood tests to see if it has spread. Due to this Blossom will be staying with us in a permanent foster home.


Blossom is a lovely friendly girl who came to us as a stray. She is roughly 3-5 years old and sadly has a mammary tumour. Due to her being so underweight we are currently trying to put a bit of weight on her so she will be able to have surgery to remove the growth. She was riddled with fleas and worms when she came in which probably didn't help with the weight loss and could possibly be the cause. Once she has gained enough weight she will have surgery to remove the growth and we will have it tested to ensure it is nothing serious. This means that at present she is not available for rehoming. If the results come back as benign then we will be looking for a home for her.